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Before going with textures for the character or any object it's good to unfold the mesh in the UV editor.



It gives a mesh layout and is very easy to understand in 2D image editors. So you can use all the tools of Gimp or Photoshop to create nice and rich textures.



Blender tools for UV editing are easy to find by pressing T or the Space bar in the 3D viewport. Select UV Editing to work on a UV layout. Any window with the UV/image editor active will show you the mesh when you select it and press Tab to enter Edit mode.

在编辑模式下的网格,你可以按空格键,如果你知道它们,就可以制作动作,比如Mark Seam或Unwrap。当你对你标记的接缝满意时,选择打开。它给你一个自动展开的网格,通常很好。如果你对结果不满意,你可以一直标记其他的接缝(图08)。


With the mesh in Edit mode you can press Space bar and write your actions if you know them, like Mark Seam or Unwrap. When you are happy with the seams you've marked, choose Unwrap. It gives you an automatic unfolded mesh that is usually very good. If you're not happy with the result you can always mark other seams (Fig.08).




提示:在编辑模式下,按下A,选择所有的网格面,然后按U, UV上下文菜单就会打开你的网格。

Tip:In Edit mode, select all the mesh faces by pressing A, then press U and the UV contextual menu will appear to unwrap your mesh.

Sculpt for Key Areas




Next I used the sculpt tools to define more areas, like the eyes, eyebrows, lips, nose and ears. I used the Multi Resolution modifier to work instead of the Subdivision Surface. This allowed me to go back and forward on the subdivision levels and work where I needed.

表达人物性格的一个快速方法是使用雕刻工具。创建混合形状更容易(3ds Max中的变形者)。


A fast way to give expression to your character is to use the Sculpt tools. It's easier to create blend shapes (morphers in 3ds Max).


Tip:When I'm finished with details I bake an Ambient Occlusion of the UV layout. I combine this in Multiply mode, low opacity with my color. This gives more depth to the model in the render.


绘制3 d纹理
3D Painted Textures


我在3D viewport和UV/image编辑器中为模型绘制了纹理。我还使用了开源图像编辑器Gimp。


I painted the textures in Blender over the models in the 3D viewport and in the UV/image editor. I also used the open source image editor Gimp.

在viewport预览中配置您的灯光进行工作。激活实体选项以显示一个纹理,并使用默认的OpenGL灯照明。你可以在Blender的用户参数>系统中编辑OpenGL灯(图09a - 09b)。

Configure your lights in the viewport preview to work. Activate the Solid option to display the object with one texture and lit with the default OpenGL lights. You can edit the OpenGL lights in the Blender user Preferences > System (Fig.09a - 09b).






你也可以用你的场景灯光设置来点亮你的物体。3D Viewport >视图属性菜单“N”阴影> GLSL,然后选择显示对象纹理或按Alt + Z的方法(图10)。

You can also use your scene light setup to light your object. 3D Viewport > View Properties Menu "N" Shading > GLSL, then choose the method to display the object texture or press Alt + Z (Fig.10).


图 10


激活这个附加组件:油漆>贴图贴图>层管理器使用纹理油漆层。该工具将出现在3D Viewport >视图属性菜单中(按N)(图11)。

Activate this add-on: Paint > Texture Paint > Layer Manager to use the texture paint layers. This tool will appear in the 3D Viewport > View Properties menu (press N) (Fig.11).





Activate Texture Paint in Object mode. This will display the tools in the menu (press T) with all you need to paint in the 3D viewport.


为选定的对象分配一个材质。选择Blender UV编辑布局。在3D viewport按Tab中选择所有的面。UV/图像编辑器将显示模型UVs。创建一个新的纹理,并在你分配给对象的材质中使用它来影响>颜色。记住使用映射> UV。

Assign a material to the object selected. Choose the Blender UV Editing layout. In the 3D viewport press Tab to select all the faces. The UV/image editor will show the model UVs. Create a new texture and use it in the material you assigned to the object as Influence > Color. Remember to use Mapping > UV.


按F来控制刷的半径。按Shift + F键控制画笔的影响(图12)。

Press F to control the brush's radius. Press Shift + F to control the brush's influence (Fig.12).


图 12


The Pose


这个姿势是用移动工具雕刻的。就像画画一样,我用F键控制画笔的半径和Shift + F来控制影响。在viewport中注意您的对象距离。它会影响影响的范围。


The pose was sculpted with the Move tool. Like when painting, I used the F key to control the radius of my brush and the Shift + F to control the influence. Take care of your object distance in the viewport. It will affect the area of influence.


It was very important to show a good pose with a clear line of action. A nice shape and a strong silhouette helps you to read an image.




The facial expression was sculpted with details to give the character emotion that matched his actions. The cloth wrinkles were also done at this stage. I sculpted the wrinkles on the space suit depending on his movement.






I used these parameters in the render and environment menu (Fig.13).


图 13



I rendered two layers: one layer for the entire scene and another for the glows. Each one had its own passes for compositing later.



Tip:To do preview renders, use a small output size and lower the render AA samples and the shadows samples on every light.






The rendering for this image was very simple and it didn't use GI with radiosity. So a node composition was used to achieve a nicer image:







- An Ambient Occlusion pass was a very good way to add depth. This allowed me to do a subtle color bleed effect. I added a RGB Curves node to the AO to match the ambient light color.

- A Normal pass to light the objects in the composition with ambient light later.

- Render Layer with the Emit pass for the gun lightning and glows.


Some effects were added later in Gimp to finish the image. Like a subtle depth of field (Fig.14).





And here's the final image (Fig.15).





I hope you enjoyed this Making Of. I'm going to do a series of workshops in Barcelona (Spain) where I will explain in Spanish the techniques more in depth. I will teach the software Blender in this process with the problems I had to solve. Feel free to contact me.


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